Passenger Information

Whale Watching / Passenger Information

When attending our whale watching cruises, passengers move to our open decks for the best views and are advised to dress appropriately.

  • Pack a warm jumper and a windproof/waterproof jacket as conditions at sea can be windier and cooler than in the marina.
  • Appropriate footwear is also important – we recommend you wear fully covered footwear such as sneakers or deck shoes.
  • Cap / hats are also recommended on sunny days. Spirit Crew can provide you with sunscreen if you need extra protection. Be always sun smart!
  • Spirit has a fully licensed bar where you can find drinks and snacks. If you feel better bringing some light snacks for your kids and family, please feel free to do so.

Sea Sickness

For your comfort and to ensure you have an enjoyable whale watching experience, if you have not travelled on the open ocean before or suffer from any sort of travel sickness, we highly recommend taking sea sickness medication prior to boarding the cruise.


To ensure our cruises operate on schedule and you enjoy maximum viewing time, passengers are asked to be at the designated departure point at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.


The Spirit Crew is about caring for your well being and your safety. Our vessel was designed for your maximum comfort and is manned by qualified and competent crew appropriately updated with safety training, hands on training drills and emergency procedures.

Lifejackets are available on board. Please feel free to ask any of our friendly staff to help you with it.

Spirit is committed to provide healthy and safe conditions and to maintain a safe and pollution-free operating practice that complies with national and international regulations and relevant standards, codes and guidelines.

"Thanks wonderful crew for the opportunity
to see the whales at their best!"
Keith Chapman

"It was fab! Thank you for a great time!
Crew was fantastic and very enthusiastic!
Any vacancies? :)"
Catherine Hipkiss

"Awesome crew, so enthusiastic!
The day we saw the white whale!
I am happy if I never see another
thing in my lifetime..."
Clare James

"Thank you for a lovely morning.
Wonderful whale experience. We'll come again!"
Shane Hills

"My first trip and we saw 5 whales!!
Suzy Gomes

"Had an absolutely wonderful morning
watching the whales and dolphins.
Finished by a nice cold Smirnoff :)"
Amanda Doble

"Wonderful day out! Great staff"
Kim Miles

'Magical experience I will never forget"
Rebecca Hint

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