Whales do not sleep as we do.

To rest, whales sleep only half brain so they remember to take air in, otherwise they would drown.

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Another Poem – The amazing journey of the Humpbacks!

It’s time, the music begins The stirrings deep within Now begins the 10,000klm swim Of the majestic creatures of the sea The music is contagious Pods singing with heavenly sounds Awakens the sleepy ones Up the coast we swim towards the warmer seas One breach, two breaches and then a twist, splash It’s a celebration […]

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Who’s Watching Whom?

Whales have great eyesight both above and below the water. For short amounts of time, whales can raise their heads vertically out of the water until their eyes are exposed. This behaviour is called ‘spy hopping’ and it enables them to see where sounds are coming from (in particular from boats and other whales). It […]

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