Sounds of the Seas – Poem by Spirit

[notice]Click this link to listen to actual whales singing![/notice] The seas are beginning to change It’s time to swim to warmer waters So begins our annual migration To see our curious friends on Spirit On our way we love to sing It’s our way of communicating Calling our mates or just for fun Twisting our […]

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Whales breathe air as people do…

Because whales live in the ocean, many people think they are fish. Did do you know that whales and dolphins are not fish? They are mammals. People are mammals too. Mammals are the group of animals that breath air using lungs, give birth to live young (rather than laying eggs), and feed their young with […]

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2016 Whale Watching Season is approaching…

Yes, the gentle giants of the sea will soon be on their way towards the wamer seas. It’s a 10,000 klm journey with dreams of mating and giving birth. Whale watching has become a huge attraction world-wide. Every year thousands of whale watching fans gather from all over the world to watch these majestic creatures […]

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