About Spirit


With over 20 year’s whale watching experience, we invite you to join us for a memorable adventure. As one of the pioneers of Whale Watching on the East Coast of Australia, our Gold Coast location allows Spirit of Gold Coast to enjoy the longest Whale Watching Season in Australia from June to early November each year.

The Gold Coast is the best location for Whale Watching in Australia. This is due to the close proximity of Byron Bay being the most eastern point of the East Coast of Australia and so close to the Continental Shelf. The Humpback Whales always travel inside the Continental Shelf to protect themselves and their calves from the Orca, killer whale, one predator of the Humpbacks.

Spirit of the Gold Coast’s main priority is not only to operate just as a tourist attraction, but to educate their guests and raise awareness of these magnificent creatures. Spirit actively supports Gold Coast Tourism, IFAW, Southern Cross University, and Sea Shepherd; and is a Member of Eco Tourism Australia.


A short clip of the vibe on Spirit of Gold Coast.


What’s different about our “Spirit Crew” is their passion and love of the ocean and its inhabitants, especially the Humpback Whales. Their greatest desire is to get people excited about nature. You’ll have a whale of a time as the crew demystifies mating and migration, baleen and blowholes, flukes and fins.

Our crew consists of fun and enthusiastic marine naturalists coming from a variety of backgrounds from Air Hostess to University Students.

Some of our naturalists are previous guests who were so inspired by their whale watching trip that they became certified naturalist themselves!

The journey of a lifetime!