Another Poem – The amazing journey of the Humpbacks!

May 12, 2012 By spiritwhalewatching 0 Comment
It’s time, the music begins The stirrings deep within Now begins the 10,000klm swim Of the majestic creatures of the sea The music is contagious Pods singing with heavenly sounds Awakens the sleepy ones Up the coast we swim towards the warmer seas One breach, two breaches and then a twist, splash It’s a celebration Dreams of mating and giving birth Are now becoming a reality The stunning Gold Coast skyline comes into view With Spirit vessel in the distance Is that Skipper Jason at the helm? Passengers eagerly awaiting our arrival So curious to see us again Oh, if they only knew How excited and curious we are too To see them again clapping incessantly Showing off our aerobatic tricks Screams of delight draws us closer Spy hopping to get a better view Hands and arms outstretched in anticipation of a gentle touch Up breaches a juvenile with a leap, twist and splash We must journey on, and wave our pectorals See you on the way back we sing with joyous enthusiasm With our calves and mates Until Spirit is just a speck in the distance