Taking a step towards caring for NATURE!

Climate Change poses one of the greatest threats to marine environments worldwide. This presents a global issue which is placing increasing pressure on the welfare of whale populations and requires global action. According to research completed by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, several of the major concerns arising from climate change include: The loss […]

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Our Majestic Gentle Giants and their incredible Migration Journey!

At this time of year, The Spirit of Gold Coast team is often asked “Where are the Whales?” Let us answer this question and share some interesting Humpback facts with you, Whale Lover! Humpback Whales, the incredible “Gentle Giants” of the sea, spend half of the year in the Antarctic. When they are not busy […]

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An Island Adventure on “Minjerribah” (South Stradbroke Island)

A beautiful Island situated in the Australian State of Queensland is a home for hundreds of Wallabies. They can be easily found while camping or while relaxing on the Island and are famous for stealing breads from the tents. The Island mainly consists of sand dunes, big palm trees, and more than 300 species of […]

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