Humpback Whale Mugging

Spirit of Goldcoast “Mugged” By Juvenile Humpback Whale

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The Moment a Young Humpback Whale "Mugged" a Gold Coast Vessel.

The Spirit of Gold Coast whale watching team and guest's were amazed by a spectacular and rare marine whale ‘mugging’ caught on camera by the Spirit crew. Dozens of tourists watched in awe as the curious young humpback surfaced and swam close to the boat for over an hour, popping his head above the water to catch a glimpse of the people watching him. Juvenile Humpbacks are known for their curiosity; to this young whale the migration journey and attention from humans would still be a novelty. An exciting experience shared by whale watchers and whale alike. Whale Mugging Gold Coast

The young whale was so close it was almost in hands reach at times.  
The whale was almost in hands reach, that’s how close he was but that was his choice ~ Michele Del Bianco Hostess & Deckhand ~ Spirit Whale Watching.
Whale mugging is a term often used for when a ship's captain can’t move the boat until the whale has ventured away from the vessel (at least 100 meters away). In this case, the curious young whale kept an extremely close 5 meters distance from the boat for the duration of the tour.

Whale Mugging

Whale Mugging on the Spirit Of Gold Coast The captivated audience cheered as the young juvenile swam by and treated guests to “Spy Hopping” a manoeuvre many species of whale engage in by lifting their heads up out of the water to spy on their surroundings. Spy Hopping Whale

The Young Juvenile Whale Spy Hopping  

A note from Spirits Romano & Angela Del Bianco 

Spirit is very aware and conscious of Mother Nature, especially these majestic gentle giants of the sea. We're very passionate about the humpbacks and their environment, always respecting their space. With over 20 years’ experience, Spirit respects the distance ruling as per the guidelines not to encroach the humpbacks surroundings. When a whale mugging occurs, that is a whale curious to approach the boat, the engines are turned off and that’s when the humpbacks start their antic behaviour in whatever ways they wish to interact with the vessel.
This friendly cheeky juvenile left everyone in high spirits with his curious and playful antics, the video below captures the incredible moment the 10-meter humpback dazzled crew and guests.  
Whales are such intelligent, curious souls and they find us just as interesting to watch as we do them. ~ Beverly Talati from Facebook.
  Intelligence and curiosity was certainly what was on display for this lucky group. With the humpback season just starting, we look forward to further spectacular humpback encounters.

See what some of the guests had to say:

A must if you are looking for a whale watching cruise. What a wonderful morning we had on this cruise. The crew were all friendly and very knowledgeable. We were fortunate enough to have a humpback whale spend an hour and a half around our boat on the morning we went. What a beautiful creature, everyone was so excited and we got some great photos. There was an option to buy professional photos on the day and at $40 this was reasonably priced for the quality of photos and a DVD and photo of us entering in the morning. Highly recommended. ~ Shell 1402 from Tripadvisor
  Photo Credit: Matthew Draper & Sea Pix Photography.