Our crew and staff are a dedicated group of people passionate about the whales and our passengers.
They are here to make you experience the journey of a life time! Each one of them has taken the time to write something about themselves and we have asked them if they were an animal what animal they would be.

Romano Del Bianco


What an honour it is to be the Owner of Spirit Gold Coast Whale Watching, and to be amongst a very passionate, vibrant and caring crew. They always go the extra mile making sure all passengers are more than happy being on board Spirit, whilst at the same time experiencing the majestic Humpbacks on their annual migration.
I’ve been around for a long time and achieved many things in life, but Whale Watching is at the heart of my purpose right now. I wish to promote awareness of Whale Watching on the Gold Coast particularly building thoughtfulness of Mother Nature and the Humpback whales in their natural environment. Why not come aboard Spirit and join us for the journey of a lifetime!

I would like to be a majestic Humpback Whale that explores the depths of the seas. What a dream!

Angela Del Bianco


I am a family oriented person and a lifelong learner. I have a passion to encourage and motivate people to reach their hidden potential, turning it into active energy.
I am so inspired by the Staff as they have this amazing enthusiasm for Mother Nature, especially the gentle giants of the sea. Their knowledge is insurmountable. I have learnt so much from them which I pass onto our customers over the phone.

I have chosen The Eagle for its glorious energy; soaring above the clouds. The Eagle is swift, fierce and graceful.

Koji Takada

Skipper / Engineer

Got too wet from my 15 year scuba dive instructor experience and became a skipper to dry myself out 😉
Searching for whales definitely inspires me and sharpens my 5 senses…

If I were an animal I would be a Coral – forever young and beautiful!

Zara King

Marine Biologist & Hostess

I have grown up on the ocean’s doorstep here in South East Queensland where I recently completed my Marine Biology and Ecology Degree. My passion was always whales and dolphins growing up, and is the reason I pursued science.
This love has taken me around the world to explore other marine worlds, but I find that wherever I go, I always want to come home to the Gold Coast. Humpback whales were the first marine mammal I ever saw in the wild and I knew from that moment I wanted to work with them. Spirit has given me that amazing opportunity as I continue into my second season with these magnificent creatures and the wonderful Spirit family.

There are too many amazing animals on this earth that I just couldn’t decide which one I would want to be.

Bob Looijschelder


I have been sailing around the world for over 10years and it’s so easy to forget the time and years at sea. You feel so free when you are out there discovering new places in the world, and seeing the ocean alive with whales and dolphins.
After 10 years at sea I decided to move to Australia as I felt inspired by the Gold Coast and living there.
It will be my first season with Spirit Family. I have seen Spirit of Gold Coast out there on the ocean with the whales; they look very professional and have so much love for the whales. I have been so looking forward to start working with the Spirit Family! 🙂

Ah, an animal! Well I guess a dolphin – to be free in the ocean and swim anywhere you want…yes please! 🙂

Melanie Pinner

Hostess & Deckhand

Hi there. I’m Melanie and this is my first season on Spirit!
I am passionate about looking after our beautiful planet and the amazing creatures that inhabit it. Especially the Reef, where I worked for 2 years. I want my kids and their kids to see all the amazing places and animals I have seen.
Apart from being passionate about the environment I also love helping and entertaining people. I am definitely a people person and get great joy in seeing people having amazing experiences and having lots of fun.

If I could choose an animal, to be for a while, it would be a dolphin as they are free to roam the oceans, they are playful and happy and loved by people.

Daniele Sostisso

Office Assistant

Hi there, I’m originally from Brazil. The reason why I came to Australia was to learn English and I fell in love from the first sight with this amazing country, especially the Gold Coast!! I have been here for 3 years and just love it!!
I’m passionate about life, in all the ways; the sun, moon, ocean, animals, nature… It’s just perfect!!
This year a great opportunity came my way to work with Spirit of Gold Coast, and it feels incredible to work and learn about the humpback whales. Every day there is something new and I feel such good energy from the Spirit family! Everyone is passionate so I’m really looking forward to having a great time!!

If I choose to be an animal I would be an Elephant, as, like the whales, these giant animals are amazing and gentle!

Erica Bauchiglione De Freitas

Operational Manager & Marketing Specialist

I am from Brazil and I’ve been in Australia for 6 years. I graduated in Marketing as I really like people. I like talking with people, helping them and always if I can, changing their life’s, showing them the good side of life in everything.
My other passion is Nature and animals in general. Since I was child my dream was to work with Ocean animals. My goal has always been to find a job which I would love and be happy in, living my passion. Here am I working with Spirit Family as Office Manager/Marketing Specialist being so close to those fantastic creatures the “gentle giants of the sea” and making people happy, showing them how incredible the experience is to watch the Humpback Whales in their natural habitat.
What inspires me about working with Spirit is that I believe and love the way we work together as a big family, and every single one loves what they do. You can feel the good energy in every aspect. Just one word: Gratitude! “Do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”! 😊

Besides the whales which are my favorite if I could be an animal I would love to be a dolphin, being truly lovable, surrounded by friends, swimming and enjoying the wonders beneath the ocean, and of course, following my huge and lovely whale friends. Imagine how cool it would be!