January 16, 2019 By spiritwhalewatching 0 Comment
Travelling excites me the most! Meeting new people and getting to know new cultures! I love nature, the sun and the sea. I am also a fan of people; I feel great joy in helping others to have the best time of their life’s. It’s no wonder I’ve been working in the Tourism industry for 20 years! Being surrounded by the ocean and the marine life was what inspired me to work with the Spirit, not to mention the great people who are already part of it! Since I was a child I loved to go on boat trips to explore, see new places and feel the wind and salt water on my face! Watching the marine animals in their natural habitat amazes me. Working with the Spirit is a brilliant experience! If I could be an animal I would be a Manta Ray (well, my star sign is Pisces), they look so peaceful, like they are ballet dancers under the water! And then I would be found in the warm waters of French Polynesia and Hawaii some of my favourite places in the whole world!