January 16, 2019 By spiritwhalewatching 0 Comment
Living is what give me passion in all its meanings. I’m a person that doesn’t like to let opportunities go away from me. I need to live every single moment in its total until I feel complete. Nature is one of the things that makes me feel alive. A beautiful day on the beach with friends or admiring the sea followed by a sunset… or just a quick surf in the morning before work… are examples of what makes me feel really doing something good with my time. Not forgetting about challenges… these ones makes you feel afraid and forces you to get out of your comfort zone… As I said it’s not comfortable, but when you do it and realize you’re capable to do it better than you imagined, that’s what really excites me as well, that’s what makes me feel useful at the end of each day or each challenge achieved. The fact that I’ll be working breathing the ocean air, being in the middle of my favourite place – the ocean – surrounded by nature and its creatures and being able to give that unforgettable experience to people every day is called passion. I would say a bird that because they can fly wherever they want, but I would be a seagull because they can fly, and they are always on the beach as well. I couldn’t live without the sea.