January 16, 2019 By spiritwhalewatching 0 Comment
I grow up on a farm in the hinterlands of South Brazil, but the beach and the ocean were always there at summer time and vacations, as both my parents are passionate about the ocean. When I was 6 we moved to the most incredible island in Brazil and stayed there ever since. So, I was always surrounded by nature, and that’s my true passion: natural cycles and life in all their ways and forms. I’m biologist and photographer as well and the beauties of this word always excites me, since tiny plants growing until the magnificent of a whale breaching. I was working with marine mammals before coming to Australia, and the possibility to work again with these amazing creatures really got me. Plus, I’m a person who believes in the power of education, so it’s a life goal to be able to share and touch other people about animals and how important they are for the environmental. For me this contact with wild animals is the key to change the future of conservation in the whole world. If you could choose to be an animal, what would it be? So hard to choose just one! One that I would like to be are a Whale Shark, just swimming around, with no predators, just filtering my food while I discovery the whole ocean!