[notice]Click this link to listen to actual whales singing![/notice]

The seas are beginning to change
It’s time to swim to warmer waters
So begins our annual migration
To see our curious friends on Spirit

On our way we love to sing
It’s our way of communicating
Calling our mates or just for fun
Twisting our bodies through the seas

We love to hear human sounds
It makes us want to sing
Sing songs that fill you to the core
Songs that swell inside of you

Humans say we make amazing sounds
Long groans, low moans
Roaring sounds, cries and snores
But what about your sounds

Sounds of laughter, screaming cries
What was that? A sneeze!
Goodness gracious how hilarious
If we listen mightily we can feel your hearts beat

It won’t be long before we see our friends on Spirit
Up we surface, taking deep breaths
Then dive below singing our songs
Along the Humpback highway