In 2005, the Majestic White Whale ‘Migaloo’ (‘White Fella’ in the Aboriginal language) passed our shores and on Wednesday the 1st of July which passengers and crew aboard Spirit of Gold Coast were fortunate to see him. Migaloo was photographed by Sandra Broom on board Spirit of Gold Coast. Spirit is the only boat in Australia to have sighted Migaloo three consecutive years in 2003, 2004 and 2005. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Migaloo was elusive as he past the Gold Coast, with no confirmed sightings.

For more information about Migaloo the White Whale visit and

This website is dedicated to Migaloo the White Whale and is about raising awareness on humpback whales as well as documented activities of unusual marine mammals including Migaloo, and the monitoring of interactions between the whale and curious humans.

Humpback Research

As the Humpback Whales pass our shores each year, until now little research has gone into identification and cataloguing these amazing creatures of the sea from season to season.

Southern Cross University, Whale Research Centre has created Fluke Matcher; a computer-aided fluke matching program which significantly increase the efficiency of identifying individuals and finding resights within photo-identification catalogues of humpback whales.


These industry partnerships aim to promote and protect the importance of whale watching and the unique migration of the whales along the East Coast of Australia.

Teens Against Whaling This website founded by Skye Bortoli, was created to educate the youth on the dangers facing the whales of the world. A true example of how keen our youth are to help our planet.

Pacific Whale Foundation The Pacific Whale Foundation website is a non profit organization dedicated to protecting whales and their ocean home.

Your Photos can assist with Whale Research

East Coast Whale Watch Catalogue is a project of the Southern Cross University’s Marine Ecology Research Centre.

This study involves the development of a catalogue of humpback whale tail fluke photographs that have been obtained from Australian east coast whale watch tour operations and their passengers.

What makes a good fluke photo?

  • Photo must show the underside surface of fluke
  • Focus and contrast should be sharp enough that the markings and trailing edge can be clearly seen
  • The angle of the fluke should not be so sharp that the markings are obscured
  • At least 50% of the fluke should be showing above the waterline
  • Photos should be high resolution, saved as digital files e.g. JPG or TIFF files

To contribute photos to the East Coast Whale Watch Catalogue:

To submit photos, please use the “online form” link at
If you have large numbers of photos or video footage that you would like to contribute please send an email to Peta Beeman and we can discuss methods for submission.

Contributed photos will be used for research only. Copyright of the photos remains with the contributor and all contributions will be acknowledged.

Sponsors & Partners

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