World Oceans Day – A day full of activities, fun and caring for our Oceans

September 13, 2019 By spiritwhalewatching 0 Comment
Spirit of Gold Coast is leading the way this World Oceans Day! Join the Spirit Journey as we raise awareness and take a step forward towards caring for Mother Nature. Spirit is set to celebrate World Oceans Day on Saturday 8th June 2019, and we would love for you to join the adventure! Show your support by wearing the colors of the Ocean – Blue and White - on Saturday 8th June

Spirit of Gold Coast will be working in partnership with the not-for-profit organisation “World Oceans Day” to raise awareness for and help protect our oceans. This year UNESCO is creating a worldwide online portal (found at World Oceans Day) where groups and indiviuals can register their efforts and planned activities taking place on 8th June that work towards protecting the ocean. This gives everyone the opportunity to work together and share ideas on how we can all make changes to care for the environment and live a more sustainable life. This World Oceans Day, Spirit will be raising donations for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, who work to ensure that Australia’s coasts and oceans remain healthy and rubbish-free, protecting it for the generations of tomorrow. In order to raise funds to donate to this worthwhile cause, Spirit will be donating all profits from the sale of the below sustainable products:
  • Re-usable Wooden Cutlery
  • Re-usable Bamboo Straws
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Bio-Degradable and Eco-Friendly Plush Toys
The fun-filled special event happening on Saturday 8th June for World Oceans Day will include:
  • 2.5 hour Whale Watching Cruise
  • Activities for the whole family, including:
    • Informative lessons from our Marine Biologist
    • Reusable paper bag making tutorial
    • Art and Craft for Kids, using products made from household recyclable material
    • Kids group craft and painting session
Here are a few ways that you can participate this World Oceans Day:
  • Please wear the colors of the ocean, Blue and White, to show your support for the cause.
  • Please bring any recyclable plastic bottle and cans you have to your cruise. The Spirit Team will be collecting these items from passengers, and will be donating the money made from recycling these products.
  • Please bring any unused fabric or cloth you may have. Spirit will collect these items and donate them to “Boomerang Bags” to make cloth bags for charity.
  • Please bring along all of your enthusiasm and excitement for a fun-filled day of activities and awareness. :)
Spirit is very excited to celebrate World Oceans Day, and help raise awareness to protect the Oceans. COME, JOIN US ON THIS IMPORTANT JOURNEY.