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Your Life, Your Attitude

December 22, 2015 By spiritwhalewatching 0 Comment

The Incredible Amazing You!

I think that sometimes we take ourselves for granted. We don't realise how incredibly amazing we truly are!

It doesn’t matter what the world, what society, what other people say or think. We each have a unique gift or special ability in life. You were born for a purpose and your greatest challenge is to discover it and live in the centre of it.  We are each amazing!

Perhaps you sing or draw – I can’t do either of those things. Perhaps you have a great engineering mind, or perhaps you have a gentleness and kindness and concern for other people that the rest of us don’t quite have. You have unlimited value. Inside of you is untapped potential, so let’s turn it into active energy!

Create your own path; challenge the traditional views of what is possible. You will never know what is possible until you attempt the impossible. You will never know what you are capable of until you commit yourself to becoming more. Decide what you want, step forward every day and you will achieve whatever you put your mind to. Your future is in your hands.

Your life, your choice! It’s time to take responsibility of your own life! Decide what your life is all about and live it appropriately. Be an original – don’t die a carbon copy!

I will keep telling you that you are important, deserving, loving, intelligent, worthy, compassionate, beautiful, creative, inspiring, brave, true, strong and able until you finally realise it for yourself!

So, can I please encourage you, urge you – to wake up to your unique talents and abilities and please, don’t waste them. You have so much potential to live an amazing life. Please don’t get to the end of your life just to discover that you wasted it.

So, let me tell you a vital fact about yourself.

You are truly an Amazing Person!